I’m back!

Well well, it’s been a while. I forgot my password LOL. Now recovered :) 

Where have you been?

I forgot my password! Heh 

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山奥の霊園 ‘The cemetery deep in the mountains’


This is a story from back during my high school days, when myself and a friend went out in the dead of night on our bikes. Our destination was a cemetery in Moji-ku, which was famous for being haunted. At the time, there was a rumour circulating about the face of a ghost appearing on the cliff in the cemetery, and out of curiosity, we went to look. I began to feel uneasy as we drew near, but soon, the cliff came into view above the cemetery. I glanced at my friend, who cried out, pointing to the tip of the cliff. Looking in the direction to which he was pointing, there was a woman clinging to the cliff! Her figure, lit up by our headlights, was certainly bizarre. We immediately fled from the place, and have not had the courage to return. Is there someone who climbs the cliff during the night? That must be it…

Finally watching ‘The King 2 Hearts’ :) Another great performance by Ha Ji-Won!
Long time no see! I’m back from Japan :)

I’ve been in Tokyo for the past fortnight!

Visited Oiwa grave at Myougyou-ji  

Saw my beloved horse

And saw ‘Sadako 3D’ at the cinema. One for you all to look out for!

Plus pretty sure I was sat near Takako Fuji (Kayako, Ju-On) on a train, but it was rush hour and I couldn’t tell properly!

Did not want to leave Japan :(  

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